For Sale: WOODY

Woody (Woodlock Rebel)

Brilliant 16hh 4yrs gld


By Munfin Midnight Rebel (RID)


Ricaro Z dam (Zangsheide)

Woody is just lovely in every imaginable way!

He moves straight and has 3 fabulous paces.

His temperament is second to none.

He is 100% easy to do in all ways.

He loads and travels brilliantly.

He is excellent to Clip/Bath/Catch/Feet trim (no shoes needed yet)

He stands at the mounting block sensibly to get on.

He was backed and turned away in the Autumn and now back in full work, proving so sensible and an extremely quick to learn everything that is asked of him.

He is a well ballanced ride with lovely smooth transitions up and down the gaits.

I personally would like to keep him to compete as he is a lovely "sit on" and my type of ride!

No vices whatsover

Open to vet

(Price band C)

Woody jumping